Day 1


Distance Options A 20 Miles, B 30 Miles, C 35 Miles, D 40 Miles

Accommodation: Bunratty Manor Hotel 

Bike sizing and fitting will be carried out in detail. We get started at 9.00 am If you wish to bring your own saddle or pedals we will fit them to our bikes for you. The single most important element of the tour is the bike fitting session. Consider how much time and effort is expended fitting an engine to a vehicle. In cycling, you are the engine.

Rest assured, with the GPS cell phones provided we will know exactly where you are. We encourage the group to split up and spread out as much as much as possible. Within 1 hour of the tour starting the group will spread out by as much as 8 to 10 miles, with many people opting to explore the small by-roads that cover the Irish countryside. Today’s cycling will be based in an area dotted with small farmhouses and cottages. The route will be a loop route starting and finishing in Bunratty. You can choose any distance that you feel comfortable with today. The roads for today’s route are particularly quiet and wander through the farmland

We encourage everyone to cycle at their own pace so dispersal of the group will occur naturally. You are free to enjoy a sense of adventure as you explore the minor roads safe in the knowledge that support is just a call away.

Supporting the group with a support bus and a motorcycle really helps to develop a sense of reassurance . I feel this is particularly important on the first day of the tour and your acclimation to cycling in Ireland has just begun. The motorbike allows me to continually leap frog the ever expanding group to help with navigation and continue to help out with bike fitting. I find it takes a few miles of riding to get all the adjustments sorted out. I make all of these adjustments out on the road as soon as you request it.

We would aim to finish cycling today around 5:00 pm. Dinner will be booked for 6:00 pm in Gallagher’s Seafood Restaurant. After dinner there is a good selection of pubs in the village of Bunratty.