Friday: Pre Tour Day

Most people endeavour to arrive at the tour start location (Bunratty) the day before the tour begins. Doing so helps to acclimate to changes in time zone and also facilitates bike sizing, saddle selection. This greatly benefits the accuracy of the fitting process on Saturday morning. We use The Courtyard Guesthouse which is located right in the heart of Bunratty village with pubs, restaurants and Castle located a short stroll from this guesthouse. Let me know if you wish to arrive the day before the tour starts and I will ensure you will have a room.

Many customers arrive into Ireland via Shannon Airport which is located just 15 minutes from Bunratty (the tour start point). We will run transfers all day from Shannon airport. First arrivals generally get in around 5.45AM. Some customers also choose to meet at the airport following the return of a rental car. I generally arrange to meet up with such folks late in the day affording them a long day of exploring. I try to avoid car returns on Saturday morning as our focus is bike fitting and getting the tour on the road.

You can of course fly to Dublin airport if you find it easier to get flights to that destination. On arrival at Dublin airport you can take the shuttle bus to Dublin Train Station (Heuston Station) from where you can take a train to Limerick Train Station (Colbert Station). We will be on hand to take you directly to Bunratty. I will send out details of train times and booking portals well in advance of your arrival. We usually run two pickup times from Colbert train station in Limerick city at 2.00 pm and 4 pm. Its best to avoid arriving later than as Friday evening traffic in Limerick is just gridlock. If your travel plans get messed up by delayed or missed flights rest assured we will be on hand to get you to Bunratty whenever your flight or train arrives. Once you have access to email we will be able to coordinate your pickup if plans have to be adjusted. Most people find it much cheaper to buy an Irish sim card for their phone rather than deal with the complexities and costs of roaming charges.

Bike Fitting

Fit is critical. Your body will not adopt to an ill fitting bicycle. You must start with the appropriate frame size. Handlebar and saddle adjustments optimize your anatomical geometry to deliver power to the pedals throughout the week while, while avoiding any injury. By fitting people with bikes for over 20 years I have learnt, through experience, the single most important thing that you must have is the proper size bike frame to start with. It’s the foundation to a successfully fitting. That’s why we use a bike that comes in seven different frame sizes. Customizing the fit with non-standard adjustable stems will get you into the sitting position that best suits your requirements. Many of my customers with shoulder, back or wrist issues benefit greatly from the custom modifications I have made to the bikes to accommodate an much more upright riding position. Anyway enough about bike fitting, we take it seriously and it will be done correctly