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Hello, we are an Irish bike tour owned and operated by locals based here in the west of Ireland. We started this guided bike tour 24 years ago.

Over time we have developed the safest and most scenic possible bike route due to the constant adjustment and tweaking of the routes, accommodations and restaurants.

Value for money has been a very important element of the tour’s success. A fully guided and supported seven day tour with top class equipment, support vehicles,  accommodations and restaurants for a price of €2650. We can offer this value because there are natural advantages to operating in our own area that outside tour operators would not enjoy.

Check out our customer reviews on Trip Advisor and Google to evaluate the quality of what we offer

Looking forward to  meeting you and leading your tour next summer.

John Heagney


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You will spend a lot of time on the bike during the tour. For that reason I feel the quality of that bike and its modification to your requirements is one of the pivotal factors when it comes to your enjoyment of the tour.



You will receive full restaurant menus for dinner each evening with a generous selection of dishes all prepared using the finest quality ingredients fresh from the local countryside or coastline.


Cycle Holidays Ireland Cliffs

Norman castles, the Burren, beautiful coastal views, picturesque villages and more.  We have every detail covered from the moment you land to when we say goodbye until next time.



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Some of Our Recent Reviews

Some of our recent reviews below. Checkout some of our happy cyclists and leave us a review on Google or TripAdvisor.

An absolutely wonderful experience. John(the owner and principal story teller) has created an outstanding cycling experience combining cycling, Irish history and marvelous sightseeing opportunities. The routes he has selected provide the cyclist, regardless of level, the opportunity to traverse the Irish backroads, safely, and get to see firsthand beautiful countryside, villages, churches and castles. Not sure you want to take that hill, not to worry, John will pick you and your bike and bring you the top of the hill. John's attention to detail, from selecting safe routes to choosing high-quality accommodations and delicious meals, creates a truly grand experience. This was our second tour with John and we are already planning to hit the road again with him next spring. The combination of cycling, Irish history, and sightseeing opportunities is truly unique and enriching. If you are searching for an outstanding experience coupled with cycling, story telling, and a wonderful opportunity to see Ireland, search no more, Cycle Holidays is just what you are looking for.
Tim M.
It’s been a year ago this month I did the tour with my twin brother (his second time)and my wife and I can’t get it it out of my head. Everything was amazing the food, people, hotel choices, scenery, even the pubs with live music. If you want to see Ireland any tour will do, if you want to experience Ireland this is it. I’m retired military and have gotten around but this completely reset the bar.
David H.
July 2023: What an absolute pleasure it was to participate in your exceptionally well organized bike trip!We have been fortunate enough to have participated in several cycle trips and we can say that this one has been the best! From the hotels used and meals provided, your chosen cycling routes and your included non-cycling activities (visits to historical sites, Aran Islands, cliffs of Moher, the burren, and a local pub with Irish music) - all have been well thought out and planned!The Cannondale bikes were perfect for the cycling environment we were in and were well maintained and fitted!But most of all, the way you share your local knowledge with flare and a wonderful sense of humour is delightful!Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Sonja T
My 1st multi-day bike tour ride, the bar has been set very high! John (and cousin Ambrose) are simply the best hosts and companions you could ever imagine. The routes, scenery, accomodations AND Food are off the charts...maybe the only week long bike tour where you actually gain weight.Forget the biking...the stories, humor and history of Ireland as told by the two Irishmen are reason enough to go. Non-stop entertainment, new friendships formed and an appreciation of the Irish way of life will last a lifetime. Really a F & B + history tour of SW Ireland disguised as a bike ride!
steve s
Just returned from a great bike trip around the west coast of Ireland with John, our phenomenal tour guide. I’d highly recommend this trip!
Dana C.
I have been on 3 trips with Cycle Holidays Ireland, and it is the best time you'll ever have. John, the owner, is one for the books. He does a fantastic job. Hopefully we'll all be able to join him and his crew soon. And Ireland and the people there are nothing short of wonderful. I can't wait to go back.
Brian D.
Once in a lifetime adventure I'm going back for For TheThird time!!!
Mary M.
Have you heard the line "I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out"? Well, last week we went on a bike tour of western Ireland, and an amazingly enlightening experience broke out.A week cycling with John is part history class, part culinary safari, part comedy show, plus a geology lesson and some good old fashioned pub-singing too. Oh, and the cycling was superb. Highly recommended. September 2017.
Andy S.
This was a marvelous tour! John was a fabulous host who accommodated all skill levels and abilities. The equipment was well-suited for the type of riding we did and John and his crew were always ready to perform any maintenance if needed. We saw the best of western Ireland, ate wonderful meals, heard fabulous local musicians, cycled with a variety of fellow enthusiasts and stayed in very pleasant inns. Our family had a wonderful time and we would highly recommend this trip to others.
Mary Ann A.
Best tour in Ireland! Thanks John!
Fitor F.
Steve and I have ridden with John and Cycle Holidays twice now and I'm hoping to do it again. John and John Joe are very knowledgeable about biking and the Irish country side. We have been on many bike tours and this one is our favorite. You see and learn so much about Ireland and the lodging and food are excellent. I would recommend this tour to anyone seriously looking to cycle Ireland. Thank you John and John Joe for another wonderful biking experience. You guys are the best.
Sharon O.
If you are considering a cycling holiday in Ireland look no further than Cycle Holidays Ireland.I am a seasoned cyclist and know what constitutes a well managed, professional and customer focused tour operator. The company excels in every catagory with their constant objective - that everyone has an enjoyable and interesting time throughout the tour. Importantly, John and John Joe's expert skills ensure their top quality bikes are individually adjusted make your riding efficient and comfortable. The standard of accommodation is extremely good with every evening a combination of excellent food and much laugher - you will soon make a number of new friends.RoyUK July 2017
Roy T.
My husband and I have taken many bike tours with big, pricey companies. Our Cycle Holidays Ireland trip last week beat them all!Lord forgive me for years of wrongly equating Ireland with sappy sentiment and dreary weather and food. We discovered wondrous places and lovely people on a trip that will nourish all your senses and genuinely touch your soul.The miles slipped by on perfectly fitted, smooth-as-silk bikes through a land of astounding natural beauty and rugged majesty bathed in painterly light that’s almost surreal. It’s well marked routes on tiny roads with so few vehicles, often just an occasional sheep’s bleat punctuated the quiet. Colors galore — pastel cottages ringed in flowers, wild berries in the hedgerows, ancient rock walls and castles in every possible hue of grey. Some brief showers, but blue skies prevailed. The air is clean and soft and carries the briny tang of the sea, the sweetness of blossoms and fermenting hay, and the earthy aroma of peat smoke.With logistics and guide duties superbly handled by John Heagney, whose range of life pursuits includes proprietorship of Cycle Holidays Ireland, we savored the physicality of the ride and the “zen” of the entire experience without a care. His abundant love for, pride in, and bone-deep knowledge of the terrain, history and day-to-day life of this part of Western Ireland, his family home for generations, infuses every aspect of this outstanding trip.Our congenial group was small so John ran it alone, but had ten leaders been on hand they could not have bested the attention, support and bonhomie he offered. You can ride full ahead or hang back on the route, single or grouped, but you’re never off his radar. A tricky junction? He’s waiting there to direct you through. He’s steadfast, patient, and protective — you feel as if you’re in the care of one of the finest herding dogs of the region! John’s energy never flags, but if yours does, he unerringly knows whether to psych you up to ride on, or offer a warm invitation to take the van. He’s a witty and sincere conversationalist, and some gems from his treasure trove of stories about what all he’s encountered in 17 years of running this tour are side-splittingly hilarious. His beautifully sung, “The Parting Glass” brought the longest and loudest applause of the night from the crowd at our pub visit, and rightfully so. He’s a man you’d be grateful to have as a neighbor, honored to have as a friend, and most fortunate to have as your guide.Good lodgings throughout, great showers with ample hot water, and laundry service at the 2-night hotels let you pack light. Dinners are at a top-rated restaurant in each town and the food is beyond belief. The freshest local meats, fish, shellfish and vegetables are artfully prepared and presented, with a variety of beers, wines, and ciders to try. Lunch stops, including low-lit, cozy pubs, offer rich seafood chowders with just-baked brown bread. The tea and scones at Ballynahinch Castle were royally excellent!I wasn’t surprised to learn that people take this tour again and again. Some day we may join their ranks. Don’t be afraid to bypass the big guys. You won’t find a better bike tour, or be in better hands while on it, than with Cycle Holidays Ireland.
C E.
Thanks a lot for an amazing and memorable tour with John and John Joe. We had some magic days in the green and juicy nature of Irland in the beginning of September. When the dark and cold winter comes here in Norway I will think back on those green data.
Anne G
Cycle Holidays Ireland is the best. We participated in he August 31, 2017 seven day trip. It's a great itinerary and Bicycle John is excellent. John Joe is great also. I loved the historical information and the geography. We really felt like we had connected with the local areas. I would recommend this trip to any and everyone!!!
corliss L.
What a fabulous bike tour. My husband and I were on the bike tour that started September 2nd and what a wonderful experience it was. The sights, meals, and accommodations were all super, but what makes this bike tour stand out above many others is John Heagney, the tour operator. His sense of humor makes for a really fun time. He goes above and beyond with the intent of making sure that everyone is enjoying themselves and that they are able to see all the views while cyling even if it means transporting them up a hill that they don't feel like climbing. He has a great website with a load of information about the tour. Click on the itinerary and you can read what's in store for each day. If you want to see Ireland, learn about its history, have fun while cycling with a great group of people, book your trip now. You will not regret it.
Laura S.
Cycle Holidays is an experience that lives up to the travel hype you expect from adventure holiday companies. John, the tour operator is the real deal with a knack for service and traveler needs that had him providing direction and assistance before you had the chance to ask.The bike routes chosen created a daily tableau of unforgettable vista's that seemed to improve with each pedal stroke. The fact that our group had everything from beginner to more advanced cyclist didn't seem to phase our leader and able assistant John Joe in the least. These guys are pro's. The fact that one of them is a university professor with a deep knowledge of the nations history and culture only added to the experience.The meals were incredible and in locations that gave you the feel of the culture and culinary skill. Every evening was an experience.Priced right. I would do this again!
Steve H.
Cycle Holidays' John and partner John Joe made the trip so very special, assisting and accommodating us in every way. I will forever hold wonderful memories of our cycling week together.
Christy D.
Fantastic cycling tour of western Ireland! The scenery was gorgeous, rain or shine. John and John Joe are beyond awesome and do a magnificent job of offering a variety of cycling routes that accommodate all participants. John made sure that each of us were given the opportunity to cycle within our capabilities and desires and made sure that each member of the group was comfortable with their cycling experience. John and John Joe provide a great historical overview of Ireland, with many interesting facts, particularly about the western areas and the Galway area where both engaging leaders grew up. The accommodations and food were very good and each place we stayed had its own particular charm. We had a magnificent group, all of whom got along and enjoyed each other's company. Having been on a number of group tours, I think it is a tribute to the leaders when the group meshes and has fun together in spite of the differences in their participation abilities. I would highly recommend this trip!
Eve M.
We knew Ireland was beautiful and we had been told that the people were charming, but we had no idea we would have such a great time biking the Wild Atlantic Way in August 2017. Cycle Holidays Ireland owner John Heagney and his cousin Joe get all the credit for designing and executing a grand experience for our group of 16. Routes were carefully chosen and well marked. Accommodations were varied and lovely — from boutique lodgings to grand hotels. Meals were worth bragging about on Facebook. And friendly John and Joe could not have been better hosts, shepherds, bike mechanics, drivers, teachers or storytellers.
Cheryl B.
I can't say enough about the fantastic biking tour we did last week. Cycle Holidays Ireland have a tour that is second to none. The accommodations were great, the riding was for people of all abilities and the meals were excellent.On top of all that the I can't imagine having a better host than John. Throughout the tour he did everything possible to make this tour the best one anywhere plus he is a very funny guy. His sidekick Joe is a great guy as well and together the run a tour that all can enjoy.I would recommend this tour to anyone looking to cycle the beautiful west coast of Ireland. It definitely rates 5 stars.Thanks for a great time John and Joe!
Gary M.
As this was my very first bike tour in another country (well in all fairness, in any country), it could not have been made any better! John, the owner/operated made this something extra special. A trip to Ireland has been a dream of mine for a very long time and let me be frank, the bike tour portion of the trip scared me to death. I am not an experienced cyclist to say the least and was very unsure of what I was getting myself into. The longest bike ride I had down before was about 60km and that was once before the trip. The detail and attention put into this cycle tour was second to none. Every detail was taken care of from the bikes we rode, the equipment we needed, the endless supply of power bars (or in my case the Snickers bars), the tour maps, the mobile phones (which we didn't have to use because every detail was thought out ahead of time), the yellow guide arrows (oh the yellow arrows), the excellent B&Bs chosen, the fabulous three course dinners, and the entertainment and tours! I was never made to feel bad if I couldn't ride a hill. I just got to ride in the support van with Joe or John and had great conversations with both.It was an absolute pleasure to take part in this tour and it will be my first recommendation to anyone traveling to Ireland who wants to experience Ireland in such a grand way! I wish I could only afford to come every year but sadly I can't. Thank you so much!
Great tour, Great hosts, Great fun!
Waldo W.
This was our first supported bike trip and John, the owner, and Joe, his cousin, set the bar extremely high! Since John and Joe were local natives they provided insight and history of the local scenery and culture a "corporate" outfitter could never provide. John's attention to details on bike fitting made the ride a pleasure. The accommodations and restaurants were outstanding throughout the trip.We would HIGHLY recommend Cycle Holidays Ireland to anyone considering biking the west coast of Ireland.John & Terri Geck
Terri G.
This cycle trip was great, we loved every minute. John's caring attention to detail and management skills were top class. The week was full of hospitality and good Irish humour, thanks John and Joe, we were sad to see the week come to an end.😀
Joan S.
You won't go wrong if you book with John! John and his cohorts (Paddy, in our case) will go the extra mile to make sure you get the most out of this trip. We were 8 from Edmonton of varying cycling abilities and interest and everyone came away happy. John has researched this route for 17 years and continues to tweak it and buy great equipment - plus he is so funny that his stories will almost have you falling off your bike as you think about them as you ride! The only advice I'd have is (a) most people were happy with storage provided in handlebar bag, but I found it made my steering more difficult and switched to a small backpack that I'd brought along (b) come ready to eat lots! The Irish breakfasts are huge and will easily tide you over a day of cycling - plus John provides granola bars, Energy bars and chocolate bars as needed. I personally didn't want to stop for lunch as I find it too hard to get cycling again, but most people did stop to enjoy local pubs along the way. Suppers are huge and scrumptious, so save some room! Accommodations along the way were superb and friendly people were everywhere! Three of our group were returnees for a second trip with John and now I know why! This outfit is owned and operated by John, who really knows his Irish history and folklore and is passionate about his country and cycling. Thanks so much, John and Paddy at Cycle Holidays Ireland.
Robin K.
This is an experience of a lifetime! The bike routes through Irish countryside are meticulously planned and carefully escorted. The operator (John Heagney) is delightful, charming, witty, attentive, and hospitable. I highly recommend this experience - perfect for all ages and levels. Thank you Cycle Holidays Ireland!
Clare H.
This trip was one of the best trips I've ever been on! My family and I decided to do a bike trip together and we couldn't have picked a better tour company! John and John Joe are really stand-up guys that are hardworking, and will do everything to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable! They also know so much about the history of Ireland, so we had the opportunity to learn a lot about the culture and the people of Ireland! I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to explore Ireland and really get a feel for the culture.
Christine H.
Our family had the best time on Cycle Holidays Ireland. We rode 35 to 50 miles per day through the beautiful wonders of Ireland's West Coast. The bikes were fantastic, the group was so much fun, the accommodations and food were perfect and the memories made were the absolute best. Most importantly, the tour guides John and John Joe made the trip A++. John knows exactly how to lead a group of 20 through the countryside of Ireland on great equipment and is so helpful and supportive of all of his guests. John Joe is the perfect complement to him as he is an expert in the country's history. This trip is an amazing combination of cycling/fitness, history, scenic wonders, delicious food, great company and an abundance of fun. Would highly recommend this trip for individuals, couples or families (with adult children).
Sarah W.
As a ‘seasoned cyclist’ I found Cycle Holidays Ireland’s tour about County Clare and County Galway nothing short of spectacular. Our group of 15 cyclists came from all around the globe and John and John Joe very quickly made us a ‘cycling family’ for the entire duration of our visit. Every detail was completely and thoroughly planned and perfectly implemented! Not only did we enjoy amazing scenery in the Irish countryside on our Specialized Cirrus bicycles (professionally adjusted to each riders’ specific needs and abilities) we were blessed to have John Joe, a local history expert, share Irish culture and history at all our incredible points of interest – and there are many to enjoy! You can choose the route and distance most suited to your taste each day.Accommodations are first rate and span the spectrum from early, local harmony, to posh, modern, and stylish… and all are located conveniently to great, local shops, pubs, and restaurants. After a fun day on your bike, you’ll get back and enjoy a refreshing shower -- and even laundry service in some hotels! Follow that with fantastic meals for even the most sophisticated palate. Don’t forget a Guinness (or two) before dinner!I’ve been on other tours with some of the best known providers… this one is superior! John and John Joe are an incredible team that ensure your Ireland vacation is a blessed memory for all times. Go ahead… sign up today. You’ll be in the best of hands! Karl – June 2017 tour
Karl G.
If you are considering a cycling holiday, then I highly recommend Cycle Holidays Ireland. They operate on the West Coast of Ireland, and that entire area is simply stunning to ride through. So much so, that it ruined the rest of my holiday because I kept comparing all the other places I visited to this area of Ireland. From sweet country lanes, to the eerie yet beautiful Burren (pronounced Brrn, ignore the vowels), and the breathtaking coastlines around Ballyvaughan. It was all so so pretty.John and his team do an amazing job of organising these tours; the towns where we stayed were beautiful, the accommodation they selected fantastic, the cycling routes and ride options cater to all abilities, and having someone with an extensive knowledge of the local area and history (thank you John Joe) was like the cherry on top. I cannot fault any of it.Most importantly, the level of support is outstanding, we felt we were in safe hands all the way through.
Claudia G
My wife and I went on the Cycle Holidays Ireland tour for our 25th anniversary and we had a great time. The routes were easy to follow and stuck mostly to country roads with little traffic. The scenery was beautiful and varied, from rolling farmland to coastal roads with ocean on one side and hills on the other. Our guides were friendly, engaging, and extremely knowledgeable in the local (and not so local) history. The food was fantastic. Even the September weather cooperated. Highly recommended!
Kevin K.
I went on your tour with high expectations and the results were even better than I had hoped.A unique combination of landscape, exercise, music, history and good times.I have been talking the tour up here in my little Quebec village and lots of folks are interested for next year.Thank you for giving me another take on the fascination that is Ireland.
Unparalleled. You will not find a tour that is more beautifully balanced anywhere. Fully supported in exactly the way it should be and yet they completely honored each persons' individual expectations. They are firmly hands on where safety and navigation are concerned but they also give you room to explore sites and shops and to go and do as the spirit moves. Every day new cycling routes were offered that included both longer and shorter terrains that you could select from. The routes themselves went through areas with some of the most singularly beautiful landscape I've ever seen. Accommodations and meals were varied and charming. The tours are kept at a modest size so you not only genuinely get to know people, but any bike issues or repairs that may arise are dealt with almost immediately. The real virtue is that Cycle Holidays is local. The advantage here is a deep knowledge of where (and when) to go to find trails that offer absolute solitude. I felt grateful knowing that my money was going directly into the hands of the exceptional John Heagney and the Innkeepers and restauranteurs that live and work throughout the west of Ireland.It was an extraordinary experience and one I certainly hope to repeat.
Michelle B.
John and John Joe of CycleholidaysIreland provided an excellent tour that far exceeded my expectations. As founder and tour director (now happily retired) of BIKE FLORIDA, I know what makes for a good tour, and they provided it all and with such (apparent) ease and good humor! It helped that we had great weather and a fabulous group of cyclists ( no losers:) but nevertheless we were pampered and taken care of in style. Although, quoting John, Ireland sells itself, they just help us to see it, and see some of the most spectacular places on "the Wild Atlantic way" we did. Not only would I recommend this tour highly, I am planning on getting 20 of my best cycling buddies to join me next spring to go back with me and do it again. The lodgings and meals were all delightful (5 plus), the route wonderful lightly traveled country roads to exhillerating vistas and the day to day planning logistics (including personal cell phones provided for contact to the vans), excellently accomplished. Just wish there had been more hours in each day ( music in the Irish pubs doesn't start till 9:30, past my bedtime:)! Thanks CYCLEHOLIDAYSIRELAND for a fabulous tour! Linda B. Crider, Florida
Linda C.
I could go on for days about how incredible this tour was. There is simply no better way to experience this most breathtaking part of Ireland than by bicycle. John went out of his way daily to make sure every aspect of the tour was enjoyable - even swapping my bicycle seat out 4 times to make sure I had a comfortable ride! I especially liked that the daily rides didn't feel rushed and were flexible so you could stop and explore as much as you wanted. John and John Joe are two of the most funny, genuine, hard working people you will ever meet. They are a large part of what made this trip so memorable for me. I can honestly say this is one of the best trips/tours we have ever taken. If you are thinking about joining the tour - just DO IT, you won't be sorry. I certainly would not hesitate to take this trip again in the future!PS - The food was also amazing throughout the trip!
Jen P.
Wonderful Tour. John and John Joe were informative, entertaining and passionate about the tour and Irish history. The entire tour was very organized, lanes were traffic free, hotels and meals excellent and the bikes worked well. If you want to see green fields, stone fences, sheep, fantastic scenery and nice, nice people, go on this tour. We were rained on one morning but we won't hold that against the boys.Our group was a mix of young and old ( me being one of the old ), and all levels of biking experience ranging from novice to experienced. John and John Joe accommodated everyone.Well done
Tom H.
If you ever want to go on a bike tour--This is the one to pick. When it comes to beautiful scenes and places, wonderful people and very considerate accommodations, I recommend this one. The most special feature for me was the ability to go at my own pace and have the convenience to do the full ride or only parts of it ( like a hop-on, hop-off tour bus trip ). Thanks so much for the memories.
Jeff W.
This is a terrific tour! We were fortunate to have selected the "best" of Ireland to end the 2016 season. Our favourable impressions of Cycle Holidays Ireland began with the detailed and informative web site.Being along in our years and not expert cyclists, we were concerned that the Irish terrain might be beyond our abilities, even though we cycle regularly at home in similar terrain. Fortunately, the route chosen was not excessively hilly. Most importantly, John was available to transport us up the steepest hills, allowing us access to some of the more rugged sections without over-extending ourselves. We relished every drop of Irish sunshine and were happy to shelter in the van on the occasions when the sunshine became too liquid. We appreciated a vigorous outdoor excursion under appropriate adult supervision.As promised, John was always accessible by phone. He, and the detailed maps provided, kept us safe on beautifully quiet country roads. His "managerial finesse" avoided construction areas, stampeding cattle, dogs and horses, floods, bogs, and heavy car traffic. We never felt rushed and feel we saw more than we anticipated.We were quite pleased with the provided bikes, precisely adjusted to fit. One wheel went out of true and was immediately replaced with a spare from the van.The scenery is breath-taking, glen after glen and vista after vista. We were pleased to enjoy first hand the many animals, plants, fruit and flowers even late in the fall (end of Sept). We were able to cycle on the beach and visit a multitude of castles, churches and friaries, and ancient monuments. The mountains, sunrise and sunsets as well as harbours with 14 ft tides were beyond our ability to photograph properly.At every stop we encountered friendly and competent inn keepers, wait staff, bar tenders and entertaining musicians. Our Irish heritage did not disguise our tourist status, but we were nevertheless always welcomed by fellow pub patrons.There was a large selection of lunch stops and the reserved overnight lodgings were uniformly splendid. Our favourite meals included the abundant local seafood: chowders, fish cakes, pies, mussels and oysters.John is quite knowledgeable about Irish history and pre-history, geology, politics, and economics. We were glad that he shared his knowledge with us. He entertained controversial topics without sugar-coating. His passion for his country and enjoyment in performing a well-conducted tour are obvious.We benefitted by arriving a few days before the tour, and staying a few days after, to enjoy the sights of Ennis, Limerick, Galway and Dublin. Public transportation by bus, train and ferry is well-developed.Be certain we will sing praises of Cycle Holidays Ireland to all our cycling friends and will return!
catherine G.
We had one of our most fantastic and memorable holidays with Cycle Holidays Ireland. John and John Joe were extraordinary tour directors. They went out of their way to attend to our needs and we really felt their love of Ireland and their desire to share that with us. John Joe shared historical perspectives wherever we went and even gave us a personal slideshow one night when we missed the group session.John and John Joe's enthusiasm for their cycle business was contagious and each morning we set off biking knowing that what lay ahead was probably amazing and it always was.Arnie and Sally,Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Arnie C.
Great company, great leaders and they took care of us very well. A most enjoyable trip. Will recommend it to friends.
Judy S.
John's/Cycle Holiday's bike tour offers intoxicating beauty, delightful cultural experiences--including some history lessons along the way, delicious food and grand lodging. John and his partner in crime, John Joe, are two of the most delightful men you will ever meet. Their kindness, charm, wit and total commitment to our safety and enjoyment made this a trip of a lifetime.
Elizabeth G.
Cycle Holidays Ireland was, by far, the best bike tour I've ever taken (and one of the best vacations). The lead tour guide (and Cycle Holidays owner) John Heagney was charming, warm, clever, and truly dedicated to giving my family the very best experience possible. The locations and routes he chose for the bikers were diverse, unique, and gorgeous. He supplemented these beautiful rides with a deep knowledge of Irish history and culture that he shared freely and happily. I was sad to part ways with him at the end of the tour, and I will always have fond memories of his humor and generosity.The equipment he brought to the tour was solid, and he took great care to ensure that everyone on my ride was comfortable. The lodgings he chose were cozy and comfortable, some of which were long-established inns, and all possessed modern amenities (specifically wifi). Nothing but good things to say about the technical aspects of the tour.Overall, an amazing bargain for a tour that easily beats the quality of some of the most expensive bike tours.
nash edgerton H.
I just finished a tour with Cycle Holidays Ireland, and I was thoroughly pleased with the experience. The travel routes were well planned out and very scenic. The staff were very attentive, accommodating, and just plain fun to be with. I have taken a variety of tours with different companies and my experience with CHI ranks among the best. They offer great routes, support, lodging, food and overall value for money. I heartily recommend Cycle Holidays Ireland to anyone interested in touring Ireland, and will book with them on my next Irish adventure.
Tom T
Can't say enough. Our crew ranged from experience century riders to hobby commuters. All found the trip to suit their fancy. Beautiful countryside, incredible guides and great camaraderie. Can't wait to come back.
Connor B.
This was our second tour with Cycle Holidays Ireland. John Hagney designs a 7 day cycling tour of the best and most beautiful of county Clare and Galway to allow his clients to soak in stunning vistas and experience authentic Irish culture and charm first hand. All luggage is shuttled for you from one hotel to another during the tour. Nightly accommodations and dining experiences were superb. John shares his knowledge of Irish history throughout the week, allowing riders to experience the not just the breathtaking landscape but to understand the stirring history of the Irish people. Unfortunately, I suffered a broken collarbone 5 weeks before the tour and needed special accommodations to participate. John's knew the itinerary well enough to advise me when I needed to sit out a certain stretch due to terrain or the rigor of the climb. He also saw to it that my tandem arrangements afforded me a safe and enjoyable experience.I would heartily recommend Cycle Holidays Ireland to anyone interested in a cycling tour of the west coast of Ireland.
Susan Q.
Friendly people, great tour!
Niall O.